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Tuesday-Sunday: 12pm-7.30pm

Closed on Mondays


 Fresh Ingredients and a Genuine Passion for cooking


Our Story

Mera Khana means "My Food".

Welcome to Mera Khana where you will experience a gourmet  Pakistani origin culinary arts chef home-style cooking. We had a successful business in CA for 7 yrs but returned to NJ where we left 8 yrs ago to be close to our family. Our food speaks for us ,so we never claim our food is the best, as personal choices differ and we respect all restaurants.We use natural and expensive ingredients to cook.

We make various vegetarian, beef, chicken, fish dishes etc.

Mera Khana is owned by a professional husband and wife team with a background in corporate business management and culinary arts. This has been our passion for years, and it finally came to fruition in CA in 2009. We moved back to NJ in 2016  to be with our family.We hope you can come and share this experience in dining with us. Our menu is evolving because we cater to customers who come to us.

 Enjoy our traditional Pathan style meals, each with unique flavors. These are family recipes passed down for generations.

Whatever your preference, we're sure you'll have a delicious meal and unique  dining experience at Mera Khana,We have a passion to show you the real authentic Pakistani food cooked fresh.